Cycling in Borobudur and Enjoying the Villages

cycling in borobudur

Cycling in Borobudur is one of the way to Enjoy the Villages near Borobudur temple. To get it, you can contact Mr. Imam to his WA+62 812-2890-0588

a community cycling in borobudur

Enjoying the natural beauty around the Borobudur temple will not complete without going around in the surrounding tourist village. You will see farmers planting and harvesting rice. you will see a small child laughing cheerfully going to school. You will also be presented with a classic view of the lives of people in other villages, ranging from drying the grain to drying clothes in the morning.

Start from Manohara Borobudur, this tour offers a different experience where you can see the amazing Borobudur Sunrise at the temple then after that. You will enjoy Borobudur cycling tour. As mentioned above, we will give experiences of village surrounded by rice field, agriculture farm, and traditional Javanese houses (Joglo Limasan). Cyclists have chances to meet villagers and explore the local crafts and also the beautiful rice field with the farmer activity that can you see as long as the biking trip.

We will start the cycling around Borobudur experience in 4 AM. We will assist you to get the best sunrise in Borobudur. Don’t miss it.

Untuk mendapatkan pengalaman menakjubkan tersebut, anda bisa Hubungi Bapak Imam di WA+62 812-2890-0588

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