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The Ministry of Tourism is indeed top. Always have a way to lift Indonesian tourism. This time, Kemenpar pushed cultural and historical tourism to the German market. The trick is to get German media to take a familiarization trip, aka fam trip. We help them to server the tourist.

When was the fam trip held?

The German media famt rip was held July 19-23 2019. The participants were invited to see first hand the richness of the tourism and history of Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

According to Deputy of Marketing Development II of the Ministry of Tourism Nia Niscaya, there are reasons why fam trips raise the potential for historical and cultural tourism.

Indonesia cannot be separated from culture. These two things are like two sides of a coin. It is very difficult to separate. Why? Because cultural diversity is a strong image of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. And this wealth is clearly inseparable from the development of history. The history traversed by the Indonesian people since prehistoric times to the modern era.

The impact of this long history made Indonesia have many cultural heritages. Both tangible and intangible.

Then we try to use this relic. We make it as a tourist attraction. Hopefully, it can bring tourists. Both domestic and foreign tourists.

While Deputy Assistant of Regional Development Marketing II Regional Ministry of Tourism, Agustini Rahayu, said that the fam trip that was held was a strategy to lift Indonesian destinations through media perception.

This fam trip is our strategy to promote the attraction of cultural and historical tourism. At the same time, as a strengthening of the Wonderful Indonesia Branding in the German Market.

The expectation from the fam trip

He added, fam trip was also expected to be able to help fulfill the target of visiting tourists from Germany. A total of 320,800 foreign tourists in 2019. This number increased compared to the previous year. In 2018 the target of visiting German tourists is 304,000 people.

The Fam trip on the theme of Experiencing Cultural Wonders this time was joined by 5 opinion makers. Consists of four daily newspapers and one photography magazine. The five media are from the South German area. Such as Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Mainz, Augsburg, and Nuremberg which incidentally cities in Germany with a high income level. The total production distribution of the five media reaches 830,000 copies with a total estimated distribution of 2.3 million readers.

Enjoy Yogyakarta First

The first destination we exhibited was Yogyakarta. The participants went to Sekar Kinanti Sari Art and Culture Studio. This place presents traditional Javanese traditional nuances. Do not forget to eat traditional foods of Jogja, Gudeg, Lodeh Vegetables, Round Eggs, and Bacem Tahu Tempe for complete its coverage for the South German audiences.

While enjoying traditional culinary offerings, participants watched to Golek Menak Kenyo Tinembe dance. After the show, the fam trip participants tried traditional costumes and then did a photo session against the background of a traditional Javanese house.

On the second day, fam trip participants took a city tour on the sites of Islamic Mataram. Such as Yogyakarta Palace, Taman Sari, Jeron Benteng, and Alun-Alun Kidul. As the cultural center of Yogyakarta, the Palace has a very thick element of cultural and historical tourism. Starting from intangible culture such as royal history, the process of decreasing power, the government system. As well as tangible culture; such as traditional clothes, foreign royal gifts, royal equipment, and keratin animal collections.

As for the Taman Sari tourist destination, participants enjoyed the beauty of the bathing architecture of the Sultan’s daughters. The story about the selection of concubines by the Sultan becomes a point of attraction in this one destination. The whole city tour were using a pedicab.

Trip to The Temples and Other Monuments

The fam trip participants learned the glory of Indonesia during the Hindu Buddhist era. The destination chosen is Temple Tour. Consists of Prambanan Temple and Ratu Boko Palace. Another goal of this destination is to showcase the tolerance of the Indonesian people.

The fourth destination on this introductory tour is a combination of natural and historical tourism. Participants enjoyed the panorama of the Mount Merapi valley using a Jeep. Plus a few stop points that illustrate the effects of the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010. Like the Museum Sisa Hartaku (The Last Assets After Eruption) and Alien Stone. This destination also invites fam trip participants to get to know the lifestyle of the slopes of Mount Merapi through the sand mining activities and the local coffee industry.

Borobudur as The Ultimate Destination

As the ultimate destination, participants went to the Borobudur Temple. This temple is a super priority destination. In addition, the aesthetics of Borobudur Temple are able to represent the glory of the history of the Indonesian people in the era of Hindu Buddhism. The fam trip participants explored the level of intelligence of the Indonesian people through the architecture of the Borobudur Temple building and all values ​​contained in each relief sculpture.

From Yogyakarta, they continued their journey to Jakarta.