Borobudur Temple Entrance Fee

Souvenir publish rate berlaku mulai 1 january 2020 31 december 2020 foreign entrance fee borobudur prambanan and ratu boko. While the multiple day is a ticket to visit borobudur combine with other temples. Borobudur Temple Entrance Ticket Operational Hours Exit from borobudur temple until 1830 sunset 3. Borobudur temple entrance fee. Exit from borobudur temple Read More

Borobudur Temple Entrance

Combinecombo ticket for borobudur prambanan valid for 2 days but it can not applied as borobudur sunrise ticket. Its only idr 3000 for the entrance fee. Borobudur And Prambanan In 1 Day Visiting The Best Temples As you may have heard hence you have been googling around the latest information about borobudur entrance fee it Read More